Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm so important!
Some people are selfish and have no tolerance. I was in the store buying Red Monkey Jeans and I ended up getting tsubi jeans. I thought I might need and thought I'd rent a movie so was in the line at the checkout where all the DVD's & video's are dealt with. Line wasn’t too long but person manning register was obviously new and just learning. It was taking a while to get everyone served but that was fine I wasn't in any rush. I suddenly became aware of a woman behind me muttering; she was moaning about the wait and that they should have someone on the checkout who knew what they were doing. Harp harp, on she complained it was getting annoying. She was whining loud enough for the new checkout person to hear and thus was getting even more flustered.The woman started some tutting and I just had to turn around."Hey lady give it a bloody rest, she is dealing with people as fast as she can!"She looked at me down her nose like I was something she had trodden in."I am in a rush I have important things to get done."I pointed over to the other checkouts near the exits where the lines where shorter."Why don't you go over to one of those shorter lines and get served quicker if you’re that much in a bloody hurry.""Leave my place in this line and go all the way over there and start again waiting in another line," she huffed."Then lady, stop your bloody whining there are more important things in this life to worry about than spending a little of your precious time waiting for something.""Not that it is any of your business I have important issues to deal with elsewhere.""Then sashay your wide complaining important ass elsewhere and deal with your pressing issues and stop aggravating us peons with your whining."She looked a little livid, "I've never been so insulted.""Really, I find that hard to believe with that attitude you have."She just huffed again and shut up, least she stopped moaning.I got served and outside the store I saw the whiner come out of the store, I was surprised she didn't have some bag boy carry her bags for her being as how important she was. She dropped her bags into her little Geo car and walked into a hair salon, well I should have known, you can't come between a woman and her hair appointment! I bet she is their favorite customer.Ted